Worker’s Compensation Insurance

No employer likes to think about employees injuring themselves while representing the company, but it can and does happen. Whether it’s a sudden accident or a chronic work-related ailment, you can’t afford not to be covered when you’re suddenly required to provide wage replacement and medical benefits.

Is worker’s compensation insurance mandatory? You betcha – if you have a certain number of employees on your payroll. The laws protecting the welfare of employees differ from state to state, but typically they require coverage. You need to be protected and we’re here to help.

In exchange for an employer’s provision of lost wages and medical benefits, there is the tradeoff of mandatory relinquishment of the employee’s right to sue his or her employer for negligence. The best defense is a good offense. Get and maintain coverage to protect your business.

Disability Insurance

  • More than 375,000 Americans become totally disabled every year;
  • 73% of those injuries occur off-the-job
  • Is your company covered to continue running if one of your employees is suddenly disabled and cannot continue to work for a long time?

Keeping your business operating as usual during a period of time when an employee is off on disability is critical. You rely on the talent you employ and need a back-up plan if something happens to them.

Our experienced consultants at Solace are here to help you navigate the waters as a business owner. To protect your investment.

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