Boats/Personal Watercraft Insurance

Our love affair with the sea goes back centuries, and safety at sea has been hard-won over just as long. The nautical tradition is to be so prepared that a potential disaster winds up as simply an emergency that was efficiently dealt with. That is the Solace Philosophy too.

For the year 2015, there were nearly 12 million registered recreational vessels in the United States, with about one million of those in Florida. Across America, over 87 million adults participate in recreational boating annually.

But the stats also show us the flipside:

Nearly $42 million in damages is caused yearly by over 4,000 boating accidents. To be clear, that averages to approximately $10,000 in damages per accident, not to mention injury and loss of life.

In Florida and the Gulf states, hurricanes and tropical storms are a yearly reality. And if Hurricane Sandy taught us anything, the Atlantic seaboard is in no way immune to Mother Nature.

This is a partial list of monetary damage from hurricanes that made landfall in the United States:

Hurricane Katrina

Year – 2005

Damage in Billions – $125

Hurricane Sandy

Year – 2012

Damage in Billions – $75

Hurricane Ike

Year – 2008

Damage in Billions – $37.5

Hurricane Wilma

Year – 2005

Damage in Billions – $29.3

Hurricane Andrew

Year – 1992

Damage in Billions – $26.5

Hurricane Ivan

Year – 2004

Damage in Billions – $23.3

While boats can be a great joy, protecting yourself, your loved ones, your friends, and your investment is essential to make the boating experience truly worthwhile.

Own a boat? Make sure your vessel and passengers are covered.